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What is Story of Alicia Malone Relationship? | Biography

You may see Alicia Malone on social media because she is a film reporter, author, and host. She is

What is Story of Alicia Malone Relationship? | Biography

You may see Alicia Malone on social media because she is a film reporter, author, and host. She is famously known for her work in the entertainment industry, particularly in film criticism and commentary. Notably, she is part of a group Broadcast Film Critics Association. Her written books are almost about the history, present, and future of women in Hollywood.  For instance, “Backwards and in Heels: The Past, Present, and Future of Women in Hollywood.” Alicia is the host of FilmStruck and Turner Classic Movies. These are all the events by which Alicia makes her personality prominent. Lovers are curious to know Alicia Malone relationship, childhood, career, and other aspects of her life. 

Early Years 

Alicia Malone was born in Canberra, Australia. She fell in love with movies in her early years. At age three, she got a bit too emotional while watching “The NeverEnding Story” and had to leave the theater with her mom. During high school, our cute author began a film club to get her classmates into classic movies. After graduation, she moved to Sydney instead of going to college. Initially, Alicia worked in a video rental store and helping customers to pick out films. Alicia got her first chance when she joined a job at Channel Seven during the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics. 

She began by operating the teleprompter and then took on different jobs in the control room. Afterward, she joined the Movie Network, where she made and edited short videos which shown between movies. This job allowed her to talk to filmmakers and actors at press events and share her thoughts on new movies. With the help of her friend Renee Brack, she suggested and successfully got her show. The show focused on interviews at red-carpet events which marked an important moment of her career. Alicia got all these achievements in her teenage years. Besides, it is confirmed that the Alicia Malone relationship did not exist at that age. 

Alicia Career 

Then, Alicia Malone moved to Los Angeles with a dream of being a host for Turner Classic Movies (TCM) in 2010. She practiced a lot by recording intros like those of Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz. Very soon, a job at TCM’s FilmStruck streaming service allowed her to continue her career. Afterward, Alicia cared about the role of women in Hollywood in 2015. Alicia did her first TEDx Talk #GirlsInFilm where she talked about how few women are seen in Hollywood. At TEDxBend, she further spoke about female directors in the film industry and why it’s important to tell different stories in 2017. 

Alicia Malone career

Notably, Alicia got interested in the history of women in movies when she read “Movie-Made America,” her smartness found out there were more women in old movies than now. This all happening led her to write a book “Backwards and in Heels” in 2017. Hence, People wanted to find more details so she wrote another book, “The Female Gaze.” Furthermore, Alicia hosted a show on YouTube popular as Indie Movie Guide.  Fortunately, she auditioned for TCM in 2017 and got a hosting job in 2018. Then, Alicia began hosting on Sundays and Tuesdays and runs the TCM Imports on late Sunday nights. Afterward, she moved to Maine and joined the board of directors for the Strand Theatre in 2022. That’s all how she still loves being a part of the movies. 

Alicia Malone Relationship

Alicia Malone is enjoying a single life currently and focuses on only her work. You’ve seen her on TV, hosting, producing, and writing for movies and shows but her secrets are undisclosed. We can say that Alicia Maloine relationship never existed and this lady is still unmarried.

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Alicia Malone Relationship

No word on past relationships yet. If we try to find out who Alicia is dating, we should be detectives first. There are rumors, but the real story is not revealed. Right now, Alicia is flying solo and have not any plans for marriage.  

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