Ariana Grande And Husband Dalton Split After Two Years Of Marriage

  • July 19, 2023
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Ariana Grande And Husband Dalton Split After Two Years Of Marriage
Ariana Grande And Husband Dalton Split After Two Years Of Marriage

After living in two years of union, Ariana Grande and her husband Dalton Gomez appear to be divorcing. According to TMZ, the “7 Rings” singer, who wed Gomez in May 2021, filed for divorce in January.

On Monday, there were reports that Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez had broken up.

Representatives for Ariana Grande chose to keep their mouths shut when asked for comment by The Times on Monday, leaving us all in anticipation. Whether Gomez had representation remained an enticing open subject, cloaked in secrecy like a secret spice blend awaiting disclosure. We awaited more information in the hopes of learning the truth behind this intriguing story, but the air was thick with ambiguity.

Physical distance has widened between this once-close-knit couple over the past few months as the ferocious fires of separation have cast their spell on them. They started drifting apart while the talented two-time Grammy Award winner was immersed in the production of John Chu’s “Wicked” movie in the energetic metropolis of London. Even before that, according to TMZ, who broke the story of their breakup first. There may have been problems, indicating a possible divorce path.

Ariana Grande Relationship Flaws:

Despite their marriage’s flaws, there were glimmers of promise. People’s insiders claim that following their breakup, the beautiful singer behind “Positions,” who is only 30 years old, and her girlfriend, a wealthy real estate agent who is only 27 years old, have been quietly and tenderly fostering their bond. The fire was further fueled by Us Weekly’s sources, who disclosed that Grande and Gomez have been battling underlying problems for several months.

The captivating singer-songwriter performed at a Wimbledon tournament this past weekend in London. She was caught on camera seated next to “Bridgerton” actor Jonathan Bailey, who was also her co-star in “Wicked,” and “The Amazing Spider-Man” star Andrew Garfield. It was a celebrity-studded event, and Ariana Grande was surrounded by people including Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, and Tom Hiddleston.

As soon as the pictures started to go viral, fans quickly started wondering about Grande’s relationship status out of pure curiosity. The rumours were only stoked by the fact that she didn’t have a ring on her finger at the match on Sunday.

Then, as if by sudden explosion of spice, news of her breakup with Gomez spread. On Monday, Ariana Grande posted a number of images to Instagram that highlighted her time with Bailey. Given that Bailey had previously spoken out about the strain of having to hide his sexuality in the entertainment world, it was a sign of unity and commitment.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez wedding:

Ariana Grande And Husband Dalton Split After Two Years Of Marriage

Following a joyous five-month engagement, Grande and Gomez exchanged vows at Grande’s Montecito home in December 2020. Gomez proposed to Ariana Grande, giving her a gorgeous diamond and pearl ring as a token of their union. Since they started dating in January 2020, their love story has blossomed, and they have now advanced on their exciting journey.

Hold on, thoughts, because the story takes a turn! When Ariana Grande was featured in a cat-eye beauty tutorial on TikTok in August of last year, curious onlookers noticed that her wedding ring was missing. Speculation about her marital status erupted like a flaming flavour. The inventor of r.e.m. beauty quickly put an end to the scurrilous rumors, though, and lost no time doing so.

“My wedding ring is getting cleaned, so I’m not wearing it”

There was no space for question when she informed her supporters at the time. “I’m not getting a divorce before you start, don’t. Even the spiciest stories occasionally call for a dash of clarity, and Ariana Grande’s forthright statement clarified the situation and gave those who followed her journey a sigh of relief.

A significant occasion celebrating their second anniversary arrived for Grande and Gomez in the pleasant month of May. With love and adoration in her heart, Grande posted a post with Gomez on Instagram. I adore him so, was all the sentimental words she used in her caption. The message emphasized the importance of their journey together and served as a public proclamation of her intense love.

However, her last social media post with her husband was posted in November 2022.

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