Amazon Project Kuiper: When Will Project Kuiper Be Available? The Expectations Are HIGH!

  • October 2, 2023
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Amazon Project Kuiper: When Will Project Kuiper Be Available? The Expectations Are HIGH!

In recent months, millionaire technology magnates Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have carried out a competition between themselves and their respective companies. On this occasion, the owner of Amazon has brought the Amazon Project Kuiper to the market. Now, this in a constant space race, creates an exciting competition.

When Will Project Kuiper Be Available?

Amazon Project Kuiper is a new satellite internet service that aims to confront Musk’s Starlink, trying to offer better and more flexible options. Find out how Amazon will implement Kuiper and what it offers.

What is Amazon Project Kuiper?

It is an Amazon project, made up of more than 3 thousand satellites that will be put into orbit to provide satellite internet to remote places on the planet, which are intended to be launched by mid-2022. The satellites will be called KuiperSat-1 and KuiperSat-2, respectively. Both will have three satellite dishes to communicate with the company on Earth and thus be able to offer their service effectively.

So when will Project Kuiper be available? These satellites are just the first of 3,000 to be put into orbit, and the FCC has given them a license to launch them until 2026. So Amazon will have to consider if it wants to compete with Starlink and its satellite fleet that provides bandwidth to remote places. That too at an affordable price considering the speed test.

Project Kuiper vs. Starlink: The New Space Race Is Between Companies

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have created a technological competition in recent years. It is like the one we saw a few decades ago with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs with their companies. And the billionaire Musk has already consolidated his space rocket company, joined by Blue Origin. This direct competitor has begun to develop rockets to launch space tourism trips, although limited to millionaires.

Satellite internet projects have fallen in popularity due to their high costs and constantly improving fiber optic infrastructures. Starlink’s foray into this technology has once again put interest in it in suspense. Hence, it is the opportunity that has seen Amazon gain a foothold to compete relentlessly with Elon Musk.

Project Kuiper vs. Starlink? 

This Amazon Project Kuiper will be visualized with its implementation. In contrast, the Starlink project already has its satellite infrastructure established. It is offering its services at a considerably high cost. But without competition until Project Kuiper, Its rivalry starts regarding the best internet service.

However, when discussing Project Kuiper vs. Starlink, we see Amazon plans to offer much more competitive prices. This late staging may not bring you too many problems since it could confront Starlink by applying these measures that make its competition rethink its strategies. Despite this, Elon Musk’s company is at least three years ahead of him. He is about to exit its beta phase. So, Jeff Bezos will have to devise new mechanisms.

Amazon Project Kuiper: The Company Has Already Started Testing

The Amazon Project Kuiper systems have already been tested in specific simulated environments. The simulated speed tests that theoretically reach about 400 Mbps speed have been carried out. We have to wait until next year so the real test can be carried out and check if this data is correct.

The two satellites they plan to launch next year are part of the process. It could cost the company much more money to send all its satellites to space without knowing if there is actual viability. It is a protocol that Starlink itself followed successfully at the time. So, seeing this type of precaution in the company is not unreasonable. 

Starlink will not be alone: Amazon receives approval from the FCC and will put the 3,236 satellites of its ‘ Amazon Project Kuiper‘ into orbit.

Internet access via satellite has become one of the great objectives of SpaceX and its Starlink project. Amazon already announced its intention to offer a competitor with ‘Project Kuiper.’ The satellite network provides satellite broadband connections.

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