Apple Suspends The Sale Of Some Of Its Watches In The US Due To Patent Problems

  • December 20, 2023
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Apple Suspends The Sale Of Some Of Its Watches In The US Due To Patent Problems

Apple announced that it would suspend sales of two of the latest versions of its watches in the United States due to patent problems with the technology its smart watches use to detect people’s pulse.

In October, Apple lost a patent case over this technology with tech company Masimo, and the United States International Trade Commission forced Apple to stop selling its Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 models after Christmas. However, Apple announced that it began the pause before that day to ensure it complies with the order if the ruling stands.


Sales Of The Apple Watches Halt Online And In-Store

Another option would have been for the Apple Company to agree with Masimo to license its technology, which has yet to happen.


Apple shares fell more than 0.50% throughout the day today, as this measure could negatively affect its Christmas sales.


According to Apple, people who have already purchased either of Apple’s two watch models will be fine with their product, and the availability of either model is the same outside the US. 


According to specialized media, Apple has noted that the company “strongly disagrees with the measure and is seeking a variety of legal and technical options to ensure that the Apple Watch is available to customers.” 


For its part, Masimo said in a statement that the ruling shows that “even the most powerful company in the world must comply with the law.”

The Data Reveal

According to Bernstein Research, a financial research firm, Apple smart watches account for nearly $20 billion of the company’s $383.29 billion in annual sales. 


According to technology research firm Counterpoint Research, Apple is the world’s largest smartwatch seller, accounting for about a third of all smart watch sales. The Apple Watch is expensive, yes. But it is still the best smart watch you can buy, by far.

The Apple Watch Sells More Than The Entire Swiss Watch Industry


Some love the Apple Watch; some disfavor it. The reality is today, the Apple smart watch is sold all over. And looking at the sales of current smart watches and the Apple Watch, it is clear that the smartwatch is a futuristic device sold to us.


But why is a watch that costs more than an average smartphone worth it? Let us remember, the latest model costs, in its basic version, about 492 dollars. There are several factors to understand why the Apple Watch is worth it.

Apple Watch Yes, The Rest No!

Last year, 2022, the Apple Watch alone sold more than the Swiss watch industry combined. The data is incredible. In 2019, 35% more Apple watches were sold than in 2018, reaching almost 31 million units. They thus exceed the 21.1 million in the Swiss watch industry.

Global Identity

According to data from Strategy Analytics, the Apple Watch maintained the lead with an impressive 48% of the global watch market, with Samsung in second position and Fitbit in third. And shipments of smart watches have grown quite a bit, 42%, but they are still not very impressive figures.


Apple watches are leaders, with more than 51% of sales. But, again, these are low numbers since Samsung held second place with about 1.9 million watches then.


This is why it follows that many other smart watches are not selling, and the “few” that are sold on the market reflect incredible success on the part of Apple. 


The Apple Watch sells a lot, but the rest less. What is happening then? Why does it sell so much while being so expensive? There are several factors to understand what is happening with current smart watches.

Apple Invests A Lot Of Money In Marketing And Support

Aside from the considerable advertising costs that the manufacturer has, Apple stores do not function alone as sales points but as enormous advertising panels that are incredibly popular. 

We have a very well-studied infrastructure, we employ our brand experts, and they serve as commercial companies to explain the product’s potential uses.


If you contact Apple Support, you can get the user the techniques to solve any problem you are experiencing on your devices. All of these factors are available for Apple, which benefits its customers in the long run.

Loyal Patrons

There has been an increase in Apple prices over the last few years, but our sales and popularity have also been growing.

Apple has joined Samsung to lead the global mobile market. Android is the most significant part of the market, but the most popular manufacturer is Apple.

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