Cher Files for Conservator-ship of Son Elijah Amid Substance Abuse Concerns

  • December 28, 2023
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Cher Files for Conservator-ship of Son Elijah Amid Substance Abuse Concerns

In the latest news Famous Rock and Roll Star has filled for conservator-ship for her son, claiming that her son is undergoing serious mental health issues and substance abuse, Cher concerns about her son’s ability to manage his financial resources and her son’s is under serious need for conservator to protect his well-being

Cher filled her documents In Los Angeles court, emphasizing that her son Elijah who is 47 years old is currently unstable to manage himself and his resources, Cher’s lawyer argued that Cher Must be appointed as her son’s conservator to protect him from any troubles.

Elijah will soon be inheriting assets from the trust his late father established, which he will unable to manage due to his condition at the moment, as per Cher statement she has worked day and time to get her son the best treatment possible to overcome his medical conditions.  

Final decision of the court is yet to be decided, temporary conservator-ship order is scheduled for January 5th and final hearing will to set the permanent order will be decided on March 6th, The Action Cher is taking for her son shows how much committed she is to protect her son even at the age of 77

Elijah’s wife was expected to be Elijah’s conservator but Cher dismissed her claims due to their unstable marriage, followed by drug addiction and mental health issues. Cher wants and claiming to be granted as the sole conservator of Elijah’s resources, claiming she will be best option to protect her son’s best interests.

In October, Cher was accused of that she hired man to kidnap her son from a hotel at New York, which she denies claiming that was her family private matter and was related to her son’s drug addiction issues.

Cher is doing her best as a mother showing unconditional love for the children stating “You do anything for your children.” Despite her age and challenges, Cher remains fully committed to help her son get over his drug addiction

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