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Top 9 Famous Authors of Wattpad in 2024

Wattpad is like a huge library where anyone can write and read stories. What makes it special is that writers

Top 9 Famous Authors of Wattpad in 2024

Wattpad is like a huge library where anyone can write and read stories. What makes it special is that writers and readers can chat and share thoughts instantly. It’s like having a book club right at your fingertips. Many famous Wattpad authors have gained names here.

In this article, we’ll shine a light on these incredibly Famous Wattpad Authors. We’ll learn how they went from dreaming about writing to becoming famous names in the literary world. We’ll also explore why their stories are loved, and how they have changed the way we think about storytelling in the digital age.

Anna Todd

Anna Todd is a writer who became really famous for her book series called “After.” She started writing “After” on an app called Wattpad. The story became popular, and millions of people read it online.

After is about a college student named Tessa who falls in love with a guy named Hardin, the story is full of romance, drama, and twists. It’s kind of like a modern version of a romantic novel.

Anna Todd

Anna Todd wrote many books in the After series, including “After We Collided” “After We Fell”, and “After Ever Happy”. She also wrote a prequel called “Before”. 

Anna Todd’s books were so popular that they were turned into movies and TV shows too. People all over the world love her stories because they are exciting and emotional.

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Novels                         TitleRelease Date
Single NovelsImagines: Keeping the Kool (co-written with Kevin Fanning and Kate J. Squires)April 2017
Single NovelsThe Spring Girls: A Modern-Day Retelling of Little Women2018
After SeriesAfterOctober 2014
After SeriesAfter We CollidedNovember 2014
After SeriesAfter We FellDecember 2014
After SeriesAfter Ever HappyFebruary 2015
After SeriesBefore(Perquel Novella)December 2015
Landon SeriesNothing MoreSeptember 2016
Landon SeriesNothing LessDecember 2016
After Graphic NovelsAfter: The Graphic Novel (Volume One)May 2022
After Graphic NovelsAfter: The Graphic Novel (Volume Two)October 2023
Star SeriesThe FallingJuly 2022
Star SeriesThe BurningAugust 2023
Star SeriesThe Infinite light of DustJuly 2024(coming soon)

Beth Reekles

Beth Reekles is a British author who gained fame and popularity for her debut novel, “The Kissing Booth.” She wrote the book when she was just 15 years old and first published it on the writing platform Wattpad. The story quickly gained a huge following, attracting millions of readers from around the world.

Top 9 Famous Authors of Wattpad

“The Kissing Booth” is a romance novel that follows the story of Elle Evans, a high school student who finds herself in a complicated situation when she falls for her best friend’s older brother, Noah Flynn.

Beth Reekles’ success with “The Kissing Booth” led to the book being adapted into a popular Netflix film in 2018. The movie further propelled Reekles into the spotlight, garnering a massive audience and solidifying her status as a celebrated young adult author.

Since the success of “The Kissing Booth,” Beth Reekles has continued to write and publish novels, captivating readers with her engaging storytelling and relatable characters.

NovelsRelease Date
The Kissing Booth2012
Rolling Dice2013
Out Of Tune2013
The Beach House2014
Reluctantly Royal2014
The Kissing Booth 2: Going the Distance2020

Brittany Geragotalis

Brittany Geragotelis is a well-known American writer among famous Wattpad authors who specializes in writing stories for young adults, often involving fantasy stories. She first became famous for her writing on Wattpad, her stories became really popular there, and she gained a lot of fans.

Top 9 Famous Authors of Wattpad

She’s written many novels, mostly aimed at young adult readers, and they often include themes like magic and romance. It is worth mentioning that she is one of the famous Wattpad authors.

BooksRelease YearAdapted From
Life’s a Witch2020Life’s a Witch
What The Spell2022“What the Spell” (novel)
TBATBA“Soulkeepers” (novel series)

Estelle Meskame

Estelle Maskame is a Scottish author best known for her “Did I Mention I Love You?” series. Her journey to success began on Wattpad. The series gained immense popularity and fame among readers, leading to its publication by Black & White Publishing.

Top 9 Famous Authors of Wattpad
Series TitleFirst book releasePublisherLanguages Translated Into
Did I Mention I Love You?2015Black & White PublishingOver ten languages
Did I Mention I Need You?2015Black & White Publishing———-
Did I Mention I Miss You?2016Black & White Publishing———-

Kelly Anne Blount

Kelly Anne Blount is an American author known for her contributions to the young adult and new adult fiction genres. She has gained recognition for her engaging storytelling and diverse characters.

Top 9 Famous Authors of Wattpad

Blount’s works often explore themes such as romance, mystery, and fantasy, resonating with readers of various ages. While she has not achieved the same level of fame as some other authors, she has a dedicated fanbase and continues to publish new material.

SeriesGenrePublication YearPublisher
Captured (Soulkeepers Series)Fantasy/Romance2017Independently Published
I Dare YouRomance2017Independently Published
I Dared the DukeRomance2020Independently Published

Lindey Summers

Lindsey Summers is a Canadian author best known for her novel “Textrovert.” Her journey to success began on Wattpad. “Textrovert” gained significant popularity among readers for its witty dialogue and relatable characters, eventually leading to its publication by Kids Can Press.

SeriesGenrePublication YearPublisher
TextrovertYoung Adult2017Kids Can Press

People like it because it’s funny and captures what it’s like to be a teenager today. The story started online, but then a real book company decided to publish it.

Margret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is a famous Canadian writer who’s really good at writing lots of different kinds of stories. She writes about all sorts of stuff like futuristic worlds, poems, and even essays about literature. People love her because she’s really smart and talks about important things like what it means to be a woman or how the environment is changing. She’s like a wise storyteller who helps us understand the world better through her books. 

Some of her most famous novels include “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Alias Grace,” “The Blind Assassin,” and “Oryx and Crake.” 

SeriesGenrePublication YearAwards
The Handmaid’s TaleDystopian Fiction1985Booker Prize, Arthur C. Clarke Award
Alias GraceHistorical Fiction1996Giller Prize, Governor General’s Award
The Blind AssassinLiterary Fiction2000Booker Prize
Oryx and CrakeSpeculative Fiction2003Booker Prize Nominee

Natasha Preston

Top 9 Famous Authors of Wattpad
SeriesGenrePublisherPublish Year
The CellarYoung Adult ThrillerSourcebooks Fire2014

Its transformation from an online story to a published novel underscores the significance of digital platforms in shaping contemporary literature.

Taran Matharu

Taran Matharu is a British author known for his popular Summoner series, which has gathered widespread acclaim. Initially shared as a story on Wattpad,  the series was later published by Hodder Children’s Books. 

Top 9 Famous Authors of Wattpad

What sets Matharu’s journey apart is the remarkable success of his series, which has been translated into over 15 languages, demonstrating its global appeal.

SeriesPublisherLanguages Translated Into
Summoner SeriesHodder Children’s BookOver 15 languages

Final Words

The stories of famous Wattpad authors show us that talent can take you anywhere. Platforms like Wattpad let new writers share their work with people all over the world. Authors like Anna Todd, Beth Reekles, and Taran Matharu started on Wattpad and became really successful.

This teaches us that storytelling is super powerful, especially online. Wattpad gives hope to writers everywhere, proving that if you’re passionate and work hard, you can make your dreams come true.

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