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Did You Know Why Meghan Markle Left Suits?

Meghan Markle was one of the Suit’s hottest stars, leading a role as the paralegal Rachel Zane from seasons

Did You Know Why Meghan Markle Left Suits?

Meghan Markle was one of the Suit’s hottest stars, leading a role as the paralegal Rachel Zane from seasons one to seven. Her departure from the “Suits” marked a significant moment for both the show and her career. As she gracefully concluded her portrayal of Rachel Zane, fans were left wondering why she decided to leave. The reason might seem obvious. New details keep emerging all the time.

Did You Know Why Did Meghan Markle Leave Suits?

Let’s discuss the factors that led Meghan to leave suits, considering both personal and professional reasons that influenced her choice.

Why Meghan Marke’s Rachel Zane Left Suits?

Let’s talk about the reasons that led Meghan to leave the show “Suits”:

To Prioritize Relationship with Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

She began dating Prince Harry in 2016, although the relationship didn’t become public knowledge until 2017. Meghan being an American actress and Harry being a member of the British royal family, their connection quickly grew. Over time, they were seen attending public events together.

The primary reason for Meghan’s exit was her relationship with Prince Harry, giving up acting to become a full-time, senior member of the British royal family ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry. As their love story captured the world’s imagination, she realized that her life was about to change in a big way. She had to attend different royal events, Charity houses, and royal dinners. Then, Meghan made the tough decision to leave her role in Suits because it was a time to focus on her future with Prince Harry.

To Focus on Family

Did You Know Why Did Meghan Markle Leave Suits?

As she got closer to Prince Harry, she had to choose between her career and royal duties. She wanted to try new things. She had been playing the role of  Rachel Zane for seven years and needed a change in her life. Since Meghan wanted to explore different paths in her life, she thought it was time to say goodbye to the show and see what else was out there for her. The idea of starting a new life filled with opportunities convinced her to leave suits.

How Audience Reacted When Meghan Markle Left Suits?

audience reaction on meghan markle leaving suits

Audience Reviews of Meghan Markle’s departure from “Suits” were a mix of emotions and opinions:

  • Some viewers expressed sadness and disappointment as Meghan’s character, Rachel Zane had been an integral part of the show for seven seasons. They appreciated her portrayal and the chemistry she shared with other cast members.
  •  Some viewers felt that her absence affected the show’s consequences, especially considering her on-screen romance with Patrick J. Adams’s character, Mike Ross. The absence of both Meghan and Patrick left a void in the series.
  • Some fans were shocked when Meghan Markle didn’t show up in the last season of Suits, especially in the finale. Markle’s Suits storyline ended with her character Rachel marrying Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) and subsequently leaving for Seattle. Others understood that she had royal duties, so they weren’t surprised. Despite missing her, most fans still remembered the impact she had on suits and appreciated her time on the show.

Final Words

Meghan Markle’s decision to leave “Suits” was mainly because she was getting married to Prince Harry and becoming a part of the royal family. She wanted to explore new things in her life and focus on her future with Prince Harry. While some fans were sad to see her go, others understood her decision. Meghan’s departure left a gap in the show, especially since her character, Rachel Zane, was such an important part of it. However, her exit marked a new beginning for her, full of exciting opportunities and adventures ahead.

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