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FIFA World Cup 2030 Host Country: Spain, Portugal, And Morocco. The 2030 World Cup

  • October 23, 2023
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FIFA World Cup 2030 Host Country: Spain, Portugal, And Morocco. The 2030 World Cup

Are you excited for the FIFA World Cup 2030 host country? In addition to the inauguration, the world body has allowed Argentina and Paraguay to play their first match in their respective countries for upcoming World Cup locations in 2030.

Woohoo FIFA World Cup 2030 Host Country 

International Football Federation (FIFA) announced that it grants the candidacy of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco the 2030 World Cup host selection, although the opening match will be in Montevideo (Uruguay). The first match of the Argentine team will be played in Argentina and the initial of the Paraguayan in Paraguay. 

The granting of these three matches to the South American bid is a nod to the centenary of the first World Cup held in Uruguay in 1930. It will be a World Cup in six countries already qualified for the event due to their host status and on three continents. Spain already hosted the 1982 World Cup.

Cheers For FIFA World Cup 2030 Host Country 

In a divided world, FIFA and football are coming together,” FIFA president Gianni Infantino said. “It was unanimously agreed to celebrate the centenary of the FIFA World Cup, the first edition of which was played in Uruguay in 1930, in the most appropriate way. As a result, there will be a celebration in South America, and three South American countries (Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay) will each host a 2030 FIFA World Cup match. The first of these three matches will be played in the stadium where it started everything, in the legendary Centenario Stadium in Montevideo, precisely to celebrate the centenary edition of the FIFA World Cup,” Infantino added.

The agreement reached for upcoming World Cup locations in 2030 by the candidacy led by Spain and the South American team was voted on and approved by the FIFA council on Wednesday afternoon. According to sources familiar with the negotiations, this unexpected movement began to take shape due to the Rubiales case. The Spanish, Portuguese, and Moroccan option was the great favorite to organize the event. Still, the situation took a turn with the scandal that broke out after the federation’s former president gave a non-consensual kiss to the soccer player Jennifer Hermoso in the celebrations for the title achieved by Spain in the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

The president of the Higher Sports Council admitted a month ago that Spain’s situation in organizing the World Cup was different. The candidacy has had to give up those three matches, although it has managed to ensure that the bulk of the World Cup is played in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. 

The designation of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco as the FIFA World Cup 2030 host countries is excellent news and pride. We will demonstrate the strength of our country’s football as world champions and defend the values of equality, solidarity, and healthy competition that must accompany sport. It has yet to be decided how many locations there will be in each of the three countries. FIFA will decide, but the figure has yet to be determined. The venues for the 2026 World Cup, which will be held in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, were recently announced.

The first proposal to choose to organize a significant football championship came from FIFA and the Royal Spanish Federation (RFEF) in 2018 when Luis Rubiales still chaired it. He asked President Sánchez to support organizing a World Cup in Spain in 2030. Initially, Morocco entered the candidacy but fell out and gave way to Portugal. The Iberian candidacy achieved unanimous support from UEFA in exchange for the 2028 Euro Cup going to the United Kingdom. With the support of Europe, Spain and Portugal found themselves with China, South America, and Saudi Arabia as possible rivals.

We Are All Thrilled To Know The 2030 World Cup Host Selection

FIFA did not welcome the Asian giant’s candidacy, which did not make its candidacy official. The great threat to Spain was always Saudi Arabia, so Rubiales hatched the idea of adding Ukraine in October 2022. Just four months later, faced with the growing threat from the Saudis and the fact that the inclusion of the Ukrainians did not give the expected returns, Morocco was included again to divide the African vote. Ukraine, at first, was left up in the air. 

On the other side of the Atlantic, far from interpreting FIFA’s decision as a consolation, celebrated that Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay are also part of a World Cup with six countries and three continents. There is no more iconic stadium in the world than the Centenario. 

“Argentina will also receive a World Cup after 1978, and Paraguay will host it for the first time in its history. “added the leader, who later confirmed: “And from here we go to Europe, where (the rest of the tournament) and the World Cup will be played.”

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