Glenn Gorden Life Secrets – Quick Biography 

Glenn Gorden is a prominent personality in both real estate and entertainment, serving as a role model for youngsters

Glenn Gorden Life Secrets – Quick Biography 

Glenn Gorden is a prominent personality in both real estate and entertainment, serving as a role model for youngsters and earning recognition in celebrity circles. Furthermore, his marriage to a popular actress increased his fame.

Glenn Gorden and Jacklyn Zeman marriage

If you’re interested in knowing how he made his place in social media, business, and love life, you’re in the right place. Let’s learn it all.


Full NameGlenn Gorden
Zodiac sign Unknown 
Religion Christian 
Nationality American 
Ethnicity White
Marital statusDivorced 
Children Caseedy Zee Gorden and Lacey Rose Gorden

Early Life

Glenn Gorden comes from the United States, but we don’t know much about his early life. We will share his early years whenever he wants to disclose it. However, He follows the Christian religion and is of white ethnicity.

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Gorden found his special position in the business industry. He started a company called Gorden Enterprises, which deals with both houses and entertainment. It means he tries to help others and wants to make money. Gorden is doing his best in the community by working with groups like the American Cancer Society and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Love Story

Glenn Gorden’s life took a romantic relationship when he met Jacklyn Zeman in the late 1980s. She was already a famous actress, especially known for her roles in General Hospital. They fell in love and dated each other. Then, the love birds decided to get married on Valentine’s Day in 1988. Their wedding was celebrated with lots of friends and family. 

Celebration of Glenn Gorden and Jacklyn Zeman marriage

After some years, they had two daughters – Cassidy Zee Gorden in 1990 and Lacey Rose Gorden in 1992. The family looked really happy, like going to fancy events and doing charity work together. They supported each other in their jobs and formed a strong and caring family bond.


The couple, who had once celebrated many years together, afterward faced a time of change and changed circumstances. So, Glenn Gorden and Jacklyn Zeman chose to go separate ways after being married for 19 years in 2007. 

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Yet, the specific reasons for their decision were not shared publicly, keeping the details of their nearly two-decade-long relationship private. This led fans and the public to wonder and be curious about what might have contributed to the end of their marriage. 

Private Life

Glenn decided to have a more private life after the divorce. He didn’t want to be in the public eye as much. He chose to live a quieter life away from the attention he used to get when he was with Zeman. This change allowed him to have a more relaxed and private lifestyle.

Jacklyn Zeman’s Death

There was sad news about Jacklyn Zeman on May 9, 2023, she passed away at the age of 70. The cause of her death is undisclosed, and no one knows exactly how she met death. 

Jacklyn Zeman death

Glenn Gorden’s Legacy

Glenn Gorden’s financial worth is approximately $2 million, primarily accumulated through successful business deals. While he maintains a lower public profile currently. Glenn Gorden’s life story reminds youngsters that life has different experiences, and it influences those who face it with strength.

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