Who is Margeaux Morial? | Biography 

Margeaux Morial is only one of the youngsters and has a really interesting life. She is famous because her

Who is Margeaux Morial? | Biography 

Margeaux Morial is only one of the youngsters and has a really interesting life. She is famous because her parents are involved in politics and the news. It’s only her introduction as the daughter of popular parents. Of course, this information is not enough to know, Morial. 

So, if you are her fan or just want to know any particular aspect of her life, like her parents, education, love life, and legacy, keep reading this article. You are in the right spot. 

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Full Name Margeaux Morial
Nationality American 
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian 
Net Worth $1 Million
Martial Status Single

Who is Margeaux Morial?

Morial was born in 2005 in New Orleans, USA, and she’s 19 years old now. Margeaux is American, and her family comes from different backgrounds. We don’t know much about where she goes to school; she wants to keep it private. Her mom’s name is Michelle Miller, who is a news reporter at CBS News, and her dad, Marc Morial, is doing well in politics. 

Margeaux Morial

Moreover, Margeaux has two younger siblings, Mason and Kemah. Her family has grandparents Ross Miller, M.D., and Ernest Nathan Morial. She also has an aunt named Jacques Morial, an Cheri Morial uncle, and a cousin – Julie Morial. 

Morial Love Story 

We found that Morial is not interested in showing her private relationships publicly.  She prefers to remain undercover. Yet, she is not married and does not post any content that shows she is a wife. Hence, we will leave this part of her life until she chooses to talk about it.

Morial Parents Relationship 

Marc Morial and Michelle Miller had a beautiful wedding at St. Louis Cathedral on September 11, 1999, and lots of important people were there. They welcomed their first child in 2002, which showed their calm acceptance of each other. The Morial parent relationship is a sweet love story, but unfortunately, we do not have much information about their relationship.

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Net Worth 

Morial hasn’t shared details about how much money she makes or where it comes from on social media. If we talk about her parent’s net worth, then Margeaux Morial’s dad has built up a good amount of money through his successful career. His earning has come from being a politician, working for civil rights, and currently being the president of the National Urban League. 

According to different resources, we come to know that his wealth is approximately $1 million to $5 million as of July 2024. Similarly, Margeaux’s mom, Michelle Miller, has a net worth of around $2.85 million. She earned this money as a national journalist for CBS News. Margeaux’s family seems to have a happy and comfortable life with two popular personalities. 

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