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Raux Lopez Biography – Daughter of Professional Wrestlers

Roux Lopez is no ordinary toddler, she’s the precious daughter of WWE power couple Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins

Raux Lopez Biography – Daughter of Professional Wrestlers

Roux Lopez is no ordinary toddler, she’s the precious daughter of WWE power couple Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins – professional wrestlers. Her mother was ranked as the sixth-best female athlete in the world in 2019. She is famous because of her parents. It’s interesting, right? That is why everyone is curious to know about her. We will cover the basics of her life in today’s article.

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Full NameRaux Lopez
Born4, December,2020
Age3(as of 2023)
Zodiac SignSagittarius 
Religion Atheist
Siblings None
Famous ForAs the daughter of Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins
Nationality American 

Roux’s Parents Love Story

Roux’s parents first met in the world of WWE, but we are not exactly sure when that happened. They officially became a couple in January 2019 and shared their love story with everyone in May of that year. 

Raux Lopez Parents love story

The engagement happened on August 22, 2019. When Roux was born, her parents were engaged but had not gotten married yet. Furthermore, they had a beautiful wedding on June 29, 2021, where they promised to be together forever.

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Raux Lopez was born before her parents’ wedding

Raux Lopez born on December 4, 2020, in Buffalo, Iowa, Roux Lopez entered the world and became an instant cause for celebration in the wrestling community. The undeniable bond between Roux and her parents, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, is regularly inseparable through heartwarming moments shared on social media.

Raux Lopez Born Before her parent's wedding

Roux quickly became an Instagram sensation in the early months of 2021 as her parents proudly introduced her to the world, affectionately calling her “the love of our lives.” This introduction created a surge of excitement and interest among fans.

Raux Lopez "the love of our lives"

Despite her short age, Roux has made her place in the wrestling world through the continuous sharing of pictures and updates on her parents’ social media. 

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Physical Appearance 

Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
WeightNot Know
HeightNot Know
Body MeasurementNot Know

Current Residence 

Some say Seth Rollins owns a really nice $1 million home in Davenport, Iowa. They even call it the “Rollins Mansion.”

Raux Lopez current location

We can say that Roux enjoys a comfy life in her dad’s house. 

Parents Love For Raux Lopez

Seth Rollins looked really happy at his baby. He shared lots of pictures on social media, showing how much he loves Raux Lopez. 

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Raux Lopez Father love

Her mom loves her just as much. They share everything about their daughter’s life on social media, from when she was in her mom’s belly to every celebration. 

Raux Lopez

Raux Lopez Net Worth

Roux Lopez enjoyed a lavish life, courtesy of her parents’ wealth. The celebrity kid was born into a life of honor personalities that’s why we can say she lives a comfortable life.

Wrapping up

We are not sure if Roux will become a wrestler like her parents, but one thing is sure—she’s growing up loving wrestling. Being exposed to it early on through her parents’ excitement has already made her a little fan without her efforts. 

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