Ariana Grande’s Festive Delight: SPAM Ornament Sparks Buzz in Christmas Decor Revelations

  • December 23, 2023
  • 2 min read
Ariana Grande’s Festive Delight: SPAM Ornament Sparks Buzz in Christmas Decor Revelations

Joining the ranks of celebrities flaunting their festive flair on Instagram, Ariana Grande unveiled her unique Christmas decorations, catching fire with a special ornament. A can of SPAM hagning on her Christmas Tree, it slyly referenced Ethan Slater’s role in the Broadway revival “Spamalot,” sparking online buzz.

Ariana and Ethan’s romance blossomed in July, blossoming on the heels of their respective divorces from Dalton and Lilly. Their public debut came at the “Spamalot” opening in November, marking the first time they were spotted together.

Their connection sparked on the set of “Wicked” in December 2022, as both announced their separations within days of each other in July. Ethan’s ex-wife blames Ariana for her divorce and the emotional impact on her family, alleging an affair.

Ariana’s SPAM ornament served as a sweet shout-out to Ethan’s stage success, with their red carpet debut still awaited. While their on-screen romance in “Wicked” remains unrequited (their characters don’t share a love story), the film itself hits theaters in two parts, 2024 and 2025.

Beyond the quirky SPAM tribute, Ariana’s Instagram offered glimpses into her holiday festivities: playful selfies, twinkling lights, and heartwarming family video calls. The singer’s post captured the festive and personal moments of her Christmas celebrations.

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