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Israel And Hamas Declaration

  • November 30, 2023
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Israel And Hamas Declaration

In more Israel Gaza news, just before the truce was set to end, Israel and Hamas declared that it would be extended. There have been sixteen injuries and at least three fatalities from a gunshot at a bus stop in West Jerusalem as the Israel Gaza conflict continues. Authorities claim that two more alleged assailants were slain.

As part of an agreement between the warring parties to cease hostilities, the most recent exchange of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel for hostages held by Hamas militants occurred Tuesday night. The military reported that two Thais and ten Israeli hostages—nine of them women and one a 17-year-old girl—had been returned to Israeli territory after being turned over to the Red Cross in Gaza. Israel released thirty Palestinian captives after almost an hour. The cease-fire between Israel and Hamas has been extended until Wednesday, perhaps leading to more exchanges.

Since Friday, 180 Palestinian inmates have been released by Israel, while 81 hostages—mostly Israeli citizens—have been freed by Hamas. Stay updated for Israel Gaza conflict’s latest news. Since October 7, 1,200 Israelis and over 15,000 Palestinians have reportedly killed, highlighting the high human cost of the ongoing violence. Legislators have received clarification from National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan that the White House does not intend to place restrictions on US military assistance to Israel. This declaration was made not long after several Democrats suggested the notion and President Joe Biden appeared receptive to it.

The discussion of this topic gathered momentum as a result of the growing number of civilian deaths in Gaza as a result of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The release of four additional Thai hostages detained by Hamas was announced by Thailand’s Foreign Ministry. After they are freed, the hostages will undergo any necessary medical checks.

Stay updated for more of the Israel Gaza conflict’s latest news.

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