Apple Music Replay 2023: Check The Most Listened-To Songs And Artists Of The Year

  • November 30, 2023
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Apple Music Replay 2023: Check The Most Listened-To Songs And Artists Of The Year

The Apple Music Replay 2023 is now simplified with a new interface and the ability to see more data about the ‘most listened’ to of the year.

Apple beats Spotify with its version of Apple Music Replay 2023 this year. This lets its users find out what their most listened-to artists, songs, and albums of the year have been.

The Apple Music Replay 2023 indubitably stands out with a new interface in gradient tones. Now, you can see the top 15 artists, songs, and albums. Apple Music’s annual streaming summary also shows the total minutes or number of artists and albums you’ve played during the year.

How To See Your Apple Music Replay 2023

You can access Apple Music Replay 2023 directly from a website. Use your iPhone or from your PC. Sign in with your Apple ID and click ‘Start.’

On the website, Apple shows a first section in which you can see a summary of the year’s highlights. They are like Instagram stories that show the minutes played, the number of artists listened to, and your most played singer or group if you have been in the top 100 of any artist. Also, catch up with the genre you have played the most and, finally, a general summary.

By sliding, you can also see cards with the top 15 most listened-to artists, songs, and albums, as well as the top genres, the most listened-to playlists, and the most played stations. All of them have a share button in case you want to save the information in an image or publish the Apple Music Replay 2023 on your social networks.

Remember that Apple allows you to access Apple Music Replay 2023 any day of the year since the statistics and the playlist with the most played songs are updated every Sunday.

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