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Israel-Hamas Conflict Update

  • November 27, 2023
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Israel-Hamas Conflict Update

Israel and Hamas have agreed to exchange scores of detainees and captives after weeks of intense Israeli shelling. The agreement, however, reached a snag on Saturday when a disagreement caused a several-hour delay in releasing captives.

According to Israeli prison officials, a third group of 39 Palestinian captives has been released after Hamas handed over to the Red Cross 13 Israelis and four international citizens.

At least six Palestinians have been killed in Israeli operations in the occupied West Bank since Friday night. Several countries have proposed that the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas be extended.

Countries such as Qatar, the United States of America, and Egypt are urging an extension of the Israel-Hamas truce beyond Monday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on the other hand, has addressed the Israeli military, emphasizing that “Nothing will stop us.”

Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to US President Joe Biden, telling him that he will extend the Israel-Hamas truce by one day for 10 more hostages to be released, despite the fact that 13 Israeli hostages, three Thai hostages, and one Israeli-Russian hostage have already been released.

Meanwhile, 39 additional Palestinian captives were released as part of the third prisoner-captive exchange in the occupied West Bank, where officials believe 3,200 Palestinians have been imprisoned since October 7, and deadly raids continue.

Since October 7th, more than 14,854 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, with many more believed to be trapped beneath the rubble. In Israel, the official death toll is said to be 1,200.

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