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Israel-Hamas War Update

  • November 27, 2023
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Israel-Hamas War Update

Qatar formally stated and proposed an official deal between Hamas and Israel only this Wednesday. The announcement came barely a few hours after the Israeli Cabinet authorized the deal to go ahead. This ‘truce-for-hostages’ agreement includes a current halt to the conflict and fighting. It also involves the release of the 50 women and children being held by Hamas, as well as the release of the 150 Palestinians now incarcerated in Israeli prisons.

After six weeks of warfare, this would be the first cease-fire. As of now, the Israeli cabinet has voted in favor of the agreement shortly after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held specified Cabinet meetings. The families of the hostages and/or others have been given 24 hours to submit an objection to the settlement with the Supreme Court.

More humanitarian aid will be sent to the currently encircled Gaza, which has over 2 million people in desperate need of food and other sorts of relief.  However, the devastation is still ongoing. Due to the expansion of the Israeli military and its offensive by ground soldiers deployed in the besieged Palestinian region, intense fighting and bloodshed have reportedly broken out in Northern Gaza in the Indonesian Hospital.

According to Israeli officials, they have surrounded a refugee camp near the ‘Jabalia’ area. After weeks of Israeli assaults, more than 1.6 million people have been displaced in Gaza, and health officials there claim the death toll has topped 13,000 people. According to the Israel Defense Forces, 1,200 people were murdered on the 7th of October 2023 Hamas attack on Israel, with 236 individuals still held captive in Gaza.

The number of captives has been reduced to reflect those discovered deceased. Over 1.6 million Palestinians in Gaza have been displaced as a result of the ongoing conflict. Over 13,000 Palestinians are said to have been killed in Gaza as a result of Israel’s weeks-long attacks.

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