Kevin Spacey Teases Presidential Run in Bizarre Christmas Video Interview

  • December 25, 2023
  • 2 min read
Kevin Spacey Teases Presidential Run in Bizarre Christmas Video Interview

Kevin Spacey, the famous and multiple Academy Award-winning actor, reached the pinnacle of his fame through his portrayal of the character Frank Underwood in “House of Cards.” Recently, he made headlines by hinting at a potential presidential run during an interview with Tucker Carlson.

While Spacey hasn’t officially declared a presidential run, he strongly contemplates the idea, believing that the character he portrayed is precisely the kind of person the country needs in these challenging times.

In the interview, Spacey expressed his disappointment with Netflix for cutting ties with him during the crucial final season of “House of Cards” after his scandal. Spacey argued that Netflix owes its existence to him.

During the interview, Spacey, still in character as Frank Underwood, addressed questions about his return to the show. This added an extra layer of confusion for fans as they were left guessing when he was acting and when he was being genuine. Kevin Spacey has consistently managed to keep himself in the spotlight during the Christmas season with his unconventional videos.

Kevin Spacey’s career took a downturn after facing allegations of sexual assault. Since the case, he has struggled to find his way back into the industry. However, he is set to make a return in an Italian indie film, hoping to pave the way for a comeback to mainstream projects.

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