Kourtney Kardashian’s Low Profile Sparks Concern Amid Husband Travis Barker’s Solo Outings

  • December 13, 2023
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Kourtney Kardashian’s Low Profile Sparks Concern Amid Husband Travis Barker’s Solo Outings

After the birth of Kourtney Kardashian’s son, Rocky Thirteen, on 1st November, she has not been as present as usual. Her choice to maintain a low profile has captured people’s attention, sparking speculations. Particularly noteworthy is her husband, Travis Barker, who is seen spending time with friends instead of being with her during this crucial period for both his partner and the newly born child

In a recent Instagram photo, Kourtney Kardashian offered a glimpse into her current situation. The photo displayed an array of highly needed snacks aimed at enhancing her breast milk supply for the baby. Among the items were a mug of hot coconut milk, along with two white ramekins containing dried mulberries and walnuts. Through this post, Kourtney emphasized the importance of these snacks for her health and their role in enhancing breastfeeding

Surprisingly, the absence of her husband was notable in the photo. Instead, her husband was recorded as being in Los Angeles, spending time at their mansion while recording music with punk rocker N8NOFACE.

Kourtney Kardashian posted some subtle hints on her Poosh Instagram account, refering to feelings of disappointment. This post has sparked curiosity among fans, making them to eagerly reason of her disappointment.

While Kourtney Kardashian’s husband, Travis Barker, remains actively visible on social media, sharing various aspects of his life, Kourtney has chosen to maintain a low profile. She has refrained from posting any pictures of herself or her newborn baby, sparking rumors and speculations. Some fans have expressed concerns that Travis might be exerting a level of control in their relationship, especially after the unconventional and unique name, “Rocky Thirteen,” was given to their son. This has raised questions about the dynamics of their marriage compared to conventional relationships.

Kourtney’s brand Poosh also recently posted some advice about how to deal with someone who ghosts you. They said that ghosting is usually more about the person who does it than the person who gets ghosted. The current status of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s relationship remains uncertain, as there are no official reports confirming their happiness or any issues. However, certain notable events, such as Kourtney’s low profile after giving birth, Travis spending time with friends, and cryptic posts on Kourtney’s Poosh Instagram account, have sparked curiosity and speculation

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