Odumodublvck Rejects Role Model Label, Embraces Authenticity

  • December 25, 2023
  • 2 min read
Odumodublvck Rejects Role Model Label, Embraces Authenticity

Nigerian rapper Tochukwu Ojogwu, widely known as Odumodublvck, has openly rejected the idea of portraying himself as a role model due to his involvement in activities such as sexual encounters, alcohol consumption, and smoking. The rapper conveyed this message and unburdened himself from social responsibilities on the Zero Conditions podcast, urging critics not to label him as a role model

Odumodublvck acknowledged the societal pressure on celebrities to conform to certain standards, challenging this idea by firmly asserting, ‘I’m nobody’s role model. Jesus is there. Follow Jesus.’ He emphasized his desire to portray himself authentically, rejecting the notion of molding himself to fit the media and society’s image. Urging his fans and the media not to expect him to be Mr. Right, he emphasized his commitment to being true to himself.

The rapper addressed the necessity for celebrities to respond to trolls, defending the act as a means of preserving individuality. He emphasized, ‘It is always necessary for celebrities to clap back at trolls. Who said it is not necessary? Because they say, ‘Oh! You’re a brand. You are a public figure

In a straightforward admission of his personal choices, Odumodublvck revealed, ‘I fornicate, I drink, I smoke. You wanna make me your role model? You must be a dummy.’ He openly shared his thoughts without holding anything back, asserting that fame doesn’t require perfection. According to him, everyone has flaws, and what is more important is to be true to oneself and recognize one’s limitations

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