OnlyFans Model Adds a Twist to Twitch’s “Topless Meta” with Censorship

  • December 20, 2023
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OnlyFans Model Adds a Twist to Twitch’s “Topless Meta” with Censorship

Twitch’s streaming community underwent a significant shift in early December as streamers began testing the platform’s terms of service by broadcasting “topless,” a trend started by Morgpie, whose stream went viral. In an interview, Morgpie revealed that she actually wears clothes not visible to the camera during her streams.

Taking this controversial content to a higher level, several other streamers exploited the platform by appearing totally nude, with censor bars hiding their private areas. Among them, OnlyFans model “Firedancer” joined the controversy by streaming completely naked and gained attention for her explicit content.

Clips of Firedancer seemingly broadcasting naked with censor bars covering her private parts received over 100,000 views within a day across all social media platforms. The streamed video sparked mixed reactions, with some enjoying it and others against the explicit content, urging Twitch to take prompt action.

During Firedancer’s stream, her censor bar suddenly disappeared, exposing that she was wearing a bra under the censor bar. The sudden removal to censor bar led her to panic, and she rushed to hide from the camera.

This new controversy surrounding the censor bar has created debates on the confusion surrounding Twitch’s content guidelines. Some users criticized the platform, stating that “it’s so goddamn sad to see what Twitch has become.” Despite the mixed reactions, Twitch has yet to comment on the matter.

Notably, the topless meta trend prompted Twitch to clarify its guidelines to allow “artistic nudity.” However, people started exploiting these guidelines, posing challenges for Twitch in defining the line between “creative expressions” and “explicit content.”

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