Pierce Brosnan Is Summoned To Testify For Walking In Prohibited Areas Of Yellowstone

  • December 29, 2023
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Pierce Brosnan Is Summoned To Testify For Walking In Prohibited Areas Of Yellowstone

The actor Pierce Brosnan was cited in the United States for two crimes related to a visit to Yellowstone National Park a few weeks ago while filming a movie.

Actor Pierce Brosnan was summoned to testify for having entered the protected thermal areas of Yellowstone Park on the same date that he was filming the western “The Unholy Trinity” in the state of Wyoming.

The protagonist of “James Bond” must clarify what happened before the judge.

According to the summons, the actor entered a restricted area to which People magazine had access. The judge summoned him to testify at the Yellowstone Justice Center in Wyoming on January 23.

According to a criminal record filed in the United States District Court in Wyoming, the actor, 70, walked “into all thermal areas and within the Yellowstone Canyon” and ” violated the closures and limits of use” last November 1. Both citations are listed as minor infractions.

As is known, visitors to the thermal areas within Yellowstone Park are recommended a series of rules around the thermal regions: “Do not travel through thermal areas after dark” or “Swimming is prohibited, submerge or bathe in waters that are entirely of thermal origin.”

The park warns that the soil beneath the thermal areas “may just be a thin crust over the boiling hot springs” and there is no confirmation as to whether the site is safe or not, so access is restricted.

In the case of Pierce Brosnan, the actor walked in the park in October, mainly at the Yellowstone Film Ranch in Paradise Valley, as reported by The Livingston Enterprise. The film he shot featured Brosnan starring alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Brandon Lessard, and Ethan Peck.

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