Rob Lowe Unveils the Secrets to Defying Aging

Ever Green Actor Rob Lowe despite his 60th Birthday In March Who seems to be not getting old by

Rob Lowe Unveils the Secrets to Defying Aging

Ever Green Actor Rob Lowe despite his 60th Birthday In March Who seems to be not getting old by his looks, The Actor went public recently sharing how he is maintaining his lifestyle.

The actor reveals that he starts his day with a gratitude list and a prayer. Following this, he engages in morning exercises, and he humorously labels his sleep pattern as an ’embarrassing amount of sleep’ saying”I get tons of sleep. Like, an embarrassing amount,” Lowe didn’t provide the exact number. “I don’t want people to think something is wrong with me. It’s a lot of sleep, not 12 hours. But if there’s ever 12 (hours) to be had, I’m taking it.”

Rob Shared that he loves taking rest so much he even get asleep during traveling Stating “The seats recline all the way down, so I can sleep between the various seats,” he shared. “I have it down to a science. The eye mask, the Bose noise-canceling headphones. And I’m gone.”

Along with a rest, Rob maintains a low-carb, high-protein Atkins Diet. The Actor told the media that in his 30s he realized that he couldn’t get what he was used to now he had to maintain a healthy diet to maintain his physique stating “I’ve been doing it ever since,” Lowe said. “You’re only as good as what you eat.”

Rob addresses his disappointment not having good carb-packed meal saying “It bums me out. Believe me, I’d love to eat nothing but pies and milkshakes,” he explained. “And I would love to eat like a 15-year-old. But I can’t.”

In October 2021, Low addressed the benefits of the Atkins die to Media. Stating”I’m now getting the studies that are backing up what I have been doing intuitively for years, which is eating the Atkins way — low carb, low sugar — and getting more than enough sleep,”

“People used to make fun of me. But now the science is catching up — that it’s more than beauty sleep. It’s brain sleep, it’s body sleep, it’s focus.”

“It’s got 15 grams of protein and as much caffeine. I love caffeine. It has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. I have one of these at four o’clock or 4:30 every day,”

Along with a strict diet and more than enough rest, Rod has also distanced himself from alcohol for 33 years. He believes this is also the reason of his appearance he said “I haven’t had a drink in 33 years. That’s a huge thing, even beyond recovery,” Lowe said. “When you think about the calories and the bloat you’re missing. That just adds up. So that’s super helpful.”

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