Surprising Role of Tom Holland Behind Rizz Word Popularity 

Oxford University Press crowned “rizz” as the Word of the Year, a term predominantly used by Gen Z to

Surprising Role of Tom Holland Behind Rizz Word Popularity 

Oxford University Press crowned “rizz” as the Word of the Year, a term predominantly used by Gen Z to signify romantic appeal or the ability to attract a romantic partner, in 2023. The surge in the word’s popularity can be attributed to an interview with Spider-Man actor Tom Holland, who humorously claimed to possess “no rizz whatsoever.” Let’s get to know the significance of ‘rizz’ and how it became popular. 

What is the Meaning of Rizz?

Rizz was originated by a famous Twitch streamer and Youtuber, Kai Cenat. It is a word that means having style, charm, or attractiveness, especially in a romantic way. It’s a bit unusual because it takes the middle part of the word “charisma” to create its shorter form. Similar to how we say “fridge” instead of refrigerator or “flu” instead of influenza.

What’s interesting about that ‘rizz’? It can also be used as a verb – “rizz up.”  So, if someone says they want to “rizz up” at a party, it means they are on a mission to be charming and attractive, perhaps to grab someone’s attention in a romantic way.

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How Tom Holland Popularized Rizz Word? 

Tom Holland played a role in making “Rizz” popular without intending to become famous. We can watch his hilarious interview with Buzzfeed in which he claimed to have “no rizz whatsoever.” This humorous take on his romantic charm struck a chord with people, and the video went viral.

Tom Holland role in Rizz' word - history

As a result, the word ‘rizz’ gained widespread attention and became culturally relevant, thanks to Holland’s lighthearted approach to discussing his own charisma.

Why Rizz is Oxford Word of the Year? 

Once Rizz went viral, worldwide Gen Z people quickly adopted this word, shockingly increasing its usage on social media platforms. Consequently, Oxford lexicologists analyzed and found a 15-fold increase in Rizz word usage within a month or two.

According to Casper Grathwohl, the head of Oxford Language, he thinks “Rizz ” got famous on social media, proving how this word on the internet quickly became a part of everyday talk. He believes “Rizz” shows how our language evolves through social media. But not everyone says yes. Some people just think that they have never heard of this word before.

How Does Age Matter in “Rizz” Meaning?

People from different places and ages understand ‘rizz’ in their own way. When Tom Holland says he has “limited rizz,” it makes sense in America. But in France, they have something similar called “la séduction,” which is about enjoying beauty and sensual pleasures. The author thinks about the different sides of ‘rizz,’ saying that everyone sees it in their own way. Basically, ‘rizz’ means different things to different people depending on where they are and how old they are. Overall, the Rizz word is mostly used by Gen Z on TikTok like platforms, instead of Twitter users. 

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“Rizz” became the “Oxford word of the year” due to its Gen Z popularity, sparked by Tom Holland’s humorous take on his own “limited rizz.” Oxford crowned, strongly indicating how language evolves on social media. People interpret the meaning of “rizz” differently based on their age and culture. It’s a fun idea that spices up talk about style and charm. We can surely feel the ‘rizz’ vibe with humor and charm in the new year 2024. 

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