Tom Burke, Career, Achievements, and Much More 

Tom is famous for playing different characters in various stories. You may know Tom Burke as an English actor

Tom Burke, Career, Achievements, and Much More 

Tom is famous for playing different characters in various stories. You may know Tom Burke as an English actor who has massive audiences on TV and in movies, but is this information enough for his fans? Of Course not. Therefore, we will talk about all aspects of his life in today’s article. If you are curious to know more about this hot actor with a cleft palate, stay with us. Let’s start reading! 

Started Career 1999s
Birth place London, England 
Father David Burke 
Mother Anna Calder-Marshall
Specialty Cleft Lips 

Early Life

Tom Burke was born in London and grew up in Kent. His family is really attached with acting. His mom and dad, David Burke and Anna Calder-Marshall, are actors, and so are his godparents, Alan Rickman and Bridget Turner. They all played a part in Tom learning about theater when he was in childhood.

Now, what separates him from other actors? He was born with a cleft lip. But He had an operation to fix it when he was quite young. That shows how strong and determined he is, even from when he was a kid. 

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Tom Burke really loved acting when he was young. He went to the National Youth Theatre and the Young Arden Theatre in Faversham to learn more about it. He found school tough because of some issue with reading (might be dyslexia). Tom didn’t give up, he left school at 17 to fulfill his dream. He wrote a letter to a place that helps actors, and he got his first acting job! That’s how he entered showbiz. 


Tom Burke attended dance school before going to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London at the age of 18. His initial training in dance and subsequent education at RADA laid the foundation for a successful acting career.

Tom burke

He began to establish himself in the realms of television, film, and theater by following his time at RADA.  


Tom Burke started his TV career with a role as Syd in the thrilling series “State of Play” by Paul Abbott. After that, he took on different characters in shows like “The Musketeers,” “Strike,” and “The Hour.” This highlighted his ability to adapt and showed off his excellent acting skills in a very short period of time.


Tom Burke did some really best acting in movies. He was in films like “The Libertine,” “Donkey Punch,” and “Mank,” where he played the famous Orson Welles. Tom loves trying out all kinds of roles in different movies. It means our crush likes to enjoy finding different stories and characters. Tom Burke is working on a really tricky project which is coming up. 

Tom burke movies

He’s going to be in a movie called “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga,” which will be absolutely super exciting. Tom Burke’s career in acting is just getting more and more interesting with time and experience. 

 He played role also in: 

2000Dragonheart: A New Beginning 
2003The Burl 
2005The Libertine 
2006The Enlightenment
2007Supermarket Sam I Want Candy The Collectors 
2008Donkey Punch 
2009ChériTelstar Roar 

Look, Stranger The Kid Third Star 
2012An Enemy to Die Cleanskiin
2013Only God ForgivesThe Invisible Women
2014The Hooligan FactoryThe souvenir 
2019The Show
2021The Souvenir Part IITrue Thing
2022KlokkenluiderLiving The Wonder 
2024Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga


As a theater actor, Burke collaborated with esteemed institutions like the Royal Shakespeare Company and performed at iconic venues like Shakespeare’s Globe. His portrayal of characters like Romeo in “Romeo and Juliet” and Hamlet in a reworking of Howard Barker’s “Gertrude – The Cry”  got high ratings. 

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Tom Burke’s never giving up, being super talented, and winning against tough times. He’s become a famous actor by personal hardships and giving unforgettable performances. People are excited to see what he does next in showbiz. His life is a way of a guide for others who dream of success but face obstacles. Tom Burke is truly an inspiration for me. 

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