Shane MacGowan urged Johnny Depp to ‘forgive’ Amber Heard before his death

  • December 10, 2023
  • 2 min read
Shane MacGowan urged Johnny Depp to ‘forgive’ Amber Heard before his death

Johnny Depp made a significant revelation at the funeral of his closest friend, “Shane MacGowan.” The late Pogues star, who passed away on November 30 at the age of 65, consistently urged Depp to forgive his ex-wife.

Mary Clarke, the wife of the late Shane MacGowan, shared an emotional conversation between her husband and Johnny Depp. According to Clarke, her late husband urged Depp to forgive his wife and motivated him to believe in the power of forgiveness. Depp attended the funeral, offering prayers and honoring his late friend.

The Funeral was held in Nengh, Ireland, a lot of huge stars came to pay their final respects to the Iconic Singer,

Shane MacGowan’s sister, Siobhan, delivered a emotional tribute, expressing gratitude for all the love and support from the guests and fans. The emotional farewell included musical tributes from Nick Cave, Mundy, and Camille O’Sullivan, who performed some of MacGowan’s timeless classics.

Johnny Depp was seen actively participating in everything in Shane MacGowan’s funeral, even lifting MacGowan’s coffin. He also played a tribute he had recorded for the late musician, highlighting the deep bond they shared.

Shane MacGowan not only had a significant influence in his music career but also left a lasting impact through his belief in the power of forgiveness and kindness, touching the lives of many and making people more softhearted. His widow, Victoria Mary Clarke, has highlighted his kindhearted nature and strong belief in the necessity of forgiveness

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