Shocking: What Was Kim Clement Net Worth?

Kim Clement was a well-known pastor from South Africa. He was primarily famous for making predictions that sometimes caused

Shocking: What Was Kim Clement Net Worth?

Kim Clement was a well-known pastor from South Africa. He was primarily famous for making predictions that sometimes caused disagreements. Notably, he touched the lives of many people and helped them become followers of Christ. Besides this, Kim also worked as an author, songwriter, and singer. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2016, but people around the world still remember him and the positive impact he had on them. A lot of people also wonder about his success in terms of wealth and assets. Let’s discuss Kim Clement Net Worth in detail, exploring how he turned out to be one of the wealthiest pastors. 

Basic Info

Kim Clement was born on September 30, 1956, and sadly passed away on November 23, 2016, at the age of 70. Kim went to Lawson Brown High School and later studied Bible courses at Oral Roberts University online. Despite facing a life-threatening incident in 1974, where he was robbed and stabbed, Kim’s life took a positive turn, and he began to follow a Christian lifestyle. He always believed strongly in God and Jesus. Notably, Kim started his music career at a young age and became a pastor at different churches between 1976 and 1978. He founded the “House of Destiny” in 2012, where he continued to spread spiritual wisdom. Some of his well-known songs include “I Gave You My Hand,” and “He Saw You.” He influenced people through his music and teachings about spirituality. He released several albums, including “Israel is Forever,” “Sweet Moments,” and “Destiny.” 

Kim Clement net worth


Kim Clement was introduced to music at a young age by his aunt Isabella, who taught him classical piano. At the age of five, he began regular piano practice. At the age of 12, Kim and his brother Barry formed a band called Mark 4. Then, they performed at local events and gained recognition in the music scene. Later, he toured South Africa with a band called Cosmic Blues. Notably, Kim released albums such as “Where Is the God of Elijah?” (2007), and “Shining Innocent” (2009),  Some of his popular songs are “Come to My Altar,” “Somewhere In the Future,” “You Will Live Israel,” and “Breathe.” Clement performed live at Mt. Carmel and New York.

According to some resources, Kim Clement faced tough times, getting involved in rebellious behavior and drug use, like heroin. However, his life took a turn when a Christian man saved him during a dangerous situation. This experience led Kim to choose Christianity, and he devoted his life to sharing the message of Christ. Furthermore, Kim served different roles, spending three years at Uitenhage Full Gospel Church and later working as a young pastor and music director in various churches. He also became a counselor in a drug rehab facility and helped mentally impaired children through music education.

Kim Clement net worth

Kim gained a reputation as a global end-time prophet in the mid-1990s, accurately predicting major events like the 9/11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina. He also forecasted Donald Trump’s presidency in 2007 and 2015. As an author, Clement published books “Sound of His Voice” (1993), “Secrets of the Prophetic: Unveiling Your Future” (2005), and “Call Me Crazy, But I’m Hearing God’s Voice: Secrets to Hearing the Voice of God” (2007). Kim Clement net worth is amassed by his role in different fields. 

Clement Net Worth

Kim was a successful person. Kim Clement net worth is approximately $18 million. This man was super talented and had a band where they made engaging music. He will never be forgotten in our lives because of his character. His purpose was to guide others. So we should continue his positive process and remember him in our prayers.

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