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Skylar Vox and Zach LaVine’s Relationship – All You Need to Know 

Zach LaVine is a basketballer, famous for his skills on the court, and for representing the Chicago Bulls in

Skylar Vox and Zach LaVine’s Relationship – All You Need to Know 

Zach LaVine is a basketballer, famous for his skills on the court, and for representing the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. Almost rumor says that he has a relationship with several girls, one name in it is Skylar Vox. So, what is the reality behind this misinformation, If you are interested to know, keep reading this article. We are providing the all details of his love life, and what is the reality behind Skylar Vox and Zach LaVine’s Relationship.

Who is  Zach LaVine?

Notably, Zach LaVine grew up in a sports-loving family, he liked baseball at first but later it turned to basketball, where he became a star player in school. He started his career with the “Minnesota Timberwolves” and then moved to the ‘Chicago Bulls.’ That’s how Zach became a basketball player from the United States currently. Fortunately, he’s still playing and working hard to achieve more success in his basketball career. Besides his career, he got fame more when people came to know that Zach is the boyfriend of Skylar Vox. 

Zach LaVine Biography

Who is Skylar Vox?

Skylar Vox is known as a talented adult actress, dancer, and model from sunny South Florida. Her career in the adult film industry started in the summer of 2019, initially using the names “Dylan Vox” or “Dylann Vox” before opting for her real name. Skylar Vox’s presence has made her a notable personality in the field of exclusive content. Besides her social media, she has a love tale. Skylar’s life intersects with Zach LaVine, they face the hardships of fame and love together. Let’s know the Skylar Vox and Zach LaVine’s Relationship! 

Skylar Vox Biography

Skylar Vox and Zach LaVine’s Relationship

Zach LaVine often catches the attention of fans not just for his skills on the court but also for his personal life. Recently, rumors sparked about a relationship with Skylar Vox, an American adult star and model. Despite this misinformation, it’s important to clarify that Zach and Skylar are not dating. Both of them are happy with other people, and fans are eager to know more about their separate relationships. So, who is his Wife? 

Zach LaVine Wife 

The reality is Zach LaVine’s heart has fallen in love with his high school sweetheart, Hunter Mar. The Chicago Bulls player and the American Instagram star began their romance during their school days at Bothell School. Hunter has been supporting Zach for many years and appreciates him for every ups and downs of life. The couple moved together and during the quarantine, they took the next step – Zach proposed to Hunter in their garden, and she tearfully said yes.

Zach LaVine Wife Mar

While many refer to them as husband and wife, Zach and Hunter haven’t officially married. However, Hunter has already changed her last name to Hunter LaVine, which increases everyone’s curiosity about a possible secret marriage. Though the couple hasn’t announced this publicly, it’s confirmed that they are engaged and share a strong bond.

Children of Zack

Moreover, Zach and Hunter congratulate their first child, a son named Saint Thomas, in August 2022. Both parents happily shared the news on social media and expressed their love and excitement. Saint has become a beloved part of their family when Zach introduces him during basketball matches and shares adorable postings on the internet. 

Private Affairs 

There is no proof that he has any relationship except with her wife, but we can also see the misinformation on the internet by various girls.  

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  • Zach LaVine is a six-foot-five basketball star and has had a successful career since joining the NBA in 2014.
  • As of 2024, Zach’s net worth is an impressive $70 Million.
  • The Chicago Bulls extended his contract for five years, which made him the highest-paid player with an annual salary of $43 Million in July 2022.
  • Previously, Zach earned $19.5 Million in 2021-2022. 
  • When Zach started with the Minnesota Timberwolves, he was making $2 Million annually.
  • Besides basketball, Zach increases his income with endorsement deals, making over $3 Million per year.
  • Zach’s estimated earnings from all sources are almost $50 Million annually.
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