The leaning tower of Bologna has been sealed off due to fears of collapse

  • December 2, 2023
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The leaning tower of Bologna has been sealed off due to fears of collapse

The city of Bologna in Italy is taking urgent measures to address the potential collapse of an ancient tower. The Garisenda Tower, a significant landmark in the city, has been sealed off amid concerns about its structural integrity.

City authorities are actively implementing security measures to safeguard the tower from collapsing. A substantial 5m (16ft) barrier is being constructed around the ancient structure to contain potential debris in the event of a collapse. The situation is deemed highly critical, as stated by city officials.

Garisenda Tower, a key landmark in Bologna, stands alongside the taller and slightly tilted Asinelli Tower. Both towers are iconic structures, but the Garisenda Tower is currently under threat.

The city took note of the precarious condition in October and promptly closed the site to assess and implement necessary security measures. The primary reason for the tower’s tilt was identified as the deterioration in the quality of materials constituting its foundation.

City officials are diligently working to ensure the safety of the building and the surrounding neighborhood. Comprehensive safety measures are expected to be completed by early next year, and the tower, along with other structures in the vicinity, will remain closed until deemed safe.

The cost of additional safety measures is estimated to be around €4.3 million. To fund the restoration, a crowdfunding campaign has been initiated by the city. This initiative reflects the collective efforts of the entire city and its officials, recognizing the extraordinary challenge they face in protecting this globally renowned landmark.

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