Twitch Controversy Erupts as ‘Topless Meta’ Streamer Faces Backlash and Ban

  • December 12, 2023
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Twitch Controversy Erupts as ‘Topless Meta’ Streamer Faces Backlash and Ban

As the world grapples with daily controversies, Twitch users are now facing a new viral controversy sparked by a female streamer known as ‘Morgpie.’ Her username on OnlyFans, Morgpie, was found to be topless during a Twitch stream, violating the company’s policies. The streamer appears to have adopted the ‘hot tub meta’ trend from 2021, now taking a controversial turn with the emergence of a new trend called ‘topless meta.’ Streamers are using this trend to boost their accounts and attract more viewers, exploiting the platform’s guidelines.

Morgpie strategically boosted her popularity by taking a shortcut, appearing topless while skillfully adjusting her camera angle to avoid fully exposing her breasts. This ‘topless meta’ viral trend blatantly neglects Twitch’s guidelines. Although the platform has created a special category called ‘Pools, Hot Tubs & Beaches‘ for these types of streamers, many argue against the idea. The opposition stems from the belief that such streams are more likely to attract a larger audience, creating an unfair advantage over other hardworking streamers who dedicate themselves to producing high-quality content day and night

witch made the decision to ban Morgpie’s channel three days after her video went viral. This action aligns with Twitch’s Community Guidelines on Adult Nudity, which explicitly prohibit female-presenting individuals from appearing topless with fully exposed nipples, unless they are actively breastfeeding their babies.

Morgpie has reached out to Twitch Support to inquire about the funds she raised during her stream, considering her account is now banned on Twitch. The response from Twitch regarding her ban remains uncertain at this time.

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