What A Spill! Bianca Censori And Kanye West Got Married?

  • August 5, 2023
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What A Spill! Bianca Censori And Kanye West Got Married?

The frenzy in the media is that Bianca Censori is the rapper’s new partner. Kanye West got married this weekend, and today we tell you the details about his mysterious partner Bianca Censori- a girl from Australia who works as an architectural designer for Yeezy, the clothing brand of the famous rapper.

Yeezy indubitably has taken the fashion world by storm with its captivating designs and deluxe style. It has amassed a fervent fan base, eagerly anticipating each new collection. The brand has become a household name, and its popularity continues to soar. Yeezy brand’s famed sneakers are incredibly stylish and comfortable – We can wear them all day without discomfort. The brand constantly impresses its clientele with unique designs and colorways. 

It was in November 2020 when Bianca Censori commenced working at the West’s firm. She formerly interned at DP Toscano Architects and as a design consultant at Kelektiv. However, until now, it is strange when she and Kanye started dating.

The Burning Question Arises: Who Is Bianca Censori?

 Is she 18 years younger than Kanye West? Let’s delve into the life and news heading Bianca Censori, who is 18 years Kanye’s junior! Bianca Censori is younger than West! The newest company of Kanye, the rapper, is titled “Ye.” After several weeks of absence from public life, Kanye West reappeared in 2023 with unexpected news: he was remarried two months after signing his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

The surprise was more significant when the photos of his new wife, Bianca Censori, circulated. Now many think Censori is practically a clone of Kim Kardashian (who Kanye West begged for months to get back with him). Today Bianca Censori, an Australian-born architect, works at Kanye West’s company. It is anonymous how and when Bianca Censori and Kanye West began their romance. It is clear that it was in November 2020 when the couple started their official liaison.

How Did Bianca Censori Hit The Limelight?

Kanye West’s New “Wife” is now Bianca Censori. Kanye fell back into the web of love and marriage with Bianca Censori, a mysterious young woman. Kanye West has found love again after Kim Kardashian and the controversial girlfriends that followed. Only a few months after divorcing the mogul, sources say that the rapper gave marriage a second chance, but this time with the mysterious Bianca Censori in a lavish secret wedding in Utah. Without making much public fuss (unusual for Ye), the rapper married his girlfriend in an elegant and sumptuous secret ceremony at the luxurious Amangiri Hotel resort in Utah.

According to reports, the celebration included a honeymoon at the same resort, where just one night costs between $3,300 and $6,400. And as if this were not enough, the alleged newlyweds were seen eating at the luxurious Waldorf Astoria hotel in Beverly Hills, where Kanye did not hesitate to wear a striking gold wedding ring. And although the unexpected marriage between Kanye and Bianca Censori is already a fact, nothing is said in legal terms because, according to reports, the couple has not registered any marriage license in the name. Something that could become one of the reasons why Kim avoided speaking publicly on the subject, although she did share some cryptic messages on her Instagram stories around the date her ex-husband remarried (which many allege was in January).

Kanye West Chains One Relationship After Another After Breaking Up With Kim Kardashian:

The rapper is immersed in a legal battle with which he was his partner for 14 years and has not yet been legally divorced. Kim Kardashian seems unable to escape the spiral in which she finds herself due to the eternal legal battle she has had with Kanye West since they announced their separation.

 Last December, the businesswoman demanded before the courts to recover her single marital status even before the divorce process ended. Still, the rapper has kept putting up obstacles. Is Kanye West getting married in a secret wedding? Sources close to the couple revealed to the TMZ portal that Bianca and Kanye West married in a private ceremony last weekend. The reality is that there are not many details about their union, which could have been in a symbolic or spiritual ceremony because, according to the entertainment site, no marriage certificate authenticates their marriage as legal.

Kanye West’s Hottest Controversy:

 It is said that the couple was able to get engaged a month ago when Kanye released his new song titled “Censori Overload” in honor of his now-wife. It should be remembered that the singer’s latest controversy was last December when Twitter suspended his account after the American published an image showing an intertwined swastika and a Star of David and expressing his admiration for Adolf Hitler. The publication of the image in which the Nazi regime and Judaism symbols are associated adds to other provocations by the singer that led various brands, such as Adidas, Gap, and Balenciaga, to break ties with him.

Why is Sergio Mayer upset with Kanye West?

Sergio Mayer’s daughter says it would be the fault of a production trap. Kanye West gave the first clues about his new romantic relationship in December 2022 with his single Censori Overload, including his new wife’s name. Although at that time, no one knew of the link.

Kanye West: His New Wife Carts The Flair Of Kim Kardashian

 According to media reports in the United States, Kanye West, and Bianca Censori were married in an elegant and luxurious ceremony held at the luxurious Amangiri resort. In the establishment, which is often frequented by millionaire Hollywood stars in Utah -among them the Kardashian-Jenner sisters- Kanye West and his new wife would also have spent their honeymoon.

first, it was said that Kanye West was accompanied by some of his children, Kim Kardashian, during his wedding. However, later information denied it. Shortly after confirming the new marriage with Kanye West, photos of his new wife, Censori, began to circulate on social networks, which left more than one with their mouths open in surprise. And it is that Bianca Censori could well be the twin of Kim Kardashian because they seem to have the same style to put on makeup and dress, in addition to the fact that both have prominent curves. Perhaps for this reason, in her most recent public appearances alongside Kanye West, Bianca Censori appeared with short platinum blonde hair.

Bianca Censori And Kanye West’s Blooming Love:

Bianca Censori was born in Australia and studied Interior Architecture at the University of Melbourne from 2013 to 2017. Her exact age is still a mystery, but it could be around 30. Bianca has worked at Yeezy, a West-owned company, since November 2020. As seen in her LinkedIn profile, Censori previously collaborated with the DP Toscano Architects office. But the talk of the town now is that she is also a businesswoman. Her passion for jewelry design shines as a source of income. It was reported in 2013, Bianca founded Nylons Jewelry. Before joining Yeezy, she interned at DP Toscano Architects. However, she couldn’t work on Nylons Jewelry any further since, in 2014, she took a year gap. Bianca Censori started selling her stunning pieces, and from there, her business slowly but steadily flourished, bringing her where she is today.

Bianca Censori told in an interview in 2016, revealing that putting school on hold helped her establish what she wanted for the future. The business stopped working in 2017, but the young woman continued to climb professionally until she reached Yeezy and, incidentally, the heart of Kanye. And although it is not known when the love between the two began, the truth is that Bianca already started to feel the weight of becoming the wife of a controversial celebrity (although her family approves of her husband).  After the news of her marriage spread, the 27-year-old deactivated her Instagram account (where she accumulated 16,500 followers), so the only thing seen of her life comes out through paparazzi and the reports of her friends and fans.

Although, we were disappointed to hear about the divorce of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, as it has been reported in the media. However, we remain optimistic and sincerely wish Bianca Censori and Kanye West to find happiness and success in their future endeavors. This is an opportunity to grow, thrive, and move forward positively.

We sincerely wish it’s a wingding for the newlyweds!

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