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What Is Rubber Base Gel For Nails? Goodbye, Chipping And Breaking!

  • September 25, 2023
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What Is Rubber Base Gel For Nails? Goodbye, Chipping And Breaking!

What is rubber base gel? Today, a wide range of products from various manufacturers is available to create a stylish and high-quality manicure. New materials are fascinating, but many are attracted to the nail rubber base.

What Is Rubber Base Gel For Nails

This base is a special coating that contains rubber in its liquid form. Many masters of the nail industry prefer these products. Since, after drying; the layer becomes a little elastic, thereby giving the nails plasticity, which is very important. Due to the rubber content, such a tool is characterized by a thick consistency that allows you to quickly and easily align the nail plate.

What Is Rubber Base Gel Used For

If a small corner of the nail is broken, this base will allow it to spread, but this tool will not work to get the full effect. It is worth noting another vital advantage of the rubber base: unlike liquid bases, it remains on the edges of the plate. For this reason, you need to produce a coating in two layers.

The rubber-based primer is the best option for brittle and thin nail plates that do not contain gel polish. Applying this tool will give you a stable and reliable gel polish. Today, many manufacturers of nail products offer and are based on rubber, but, unfortunately, their quality does not always meet customers’ wishes. Some companies offer the usual liquid foundation but designate it as rubber. Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing it to avoid buying a fake.

All The Rage: What Is Rubber Base Gel 

The rubber base attracts the attention of buyers with the following advantages:

  • Creates an elastic and durable coating that allows you to bond layers of gel polish;
  • Gives resistance to brittle nails;
  • The coating can be thin and dense, which allows the buyer to choose the option that will be optimal for his nail plates;
  • It allows you to create a smooth coating regardless of the condition of the nails using the ease of the alignment process.

As with any tool, this base coat has some drawbacks:

  • The tool is made of rubber, so it has a thick texture, which can lead to the formation of bubbles after using the lamp;
  • If it is not tight to close the bottle with the base, it will become thicker, which will also lead to the impossibility of its use;
  • It is necessary to comply with specific rules of application. Otherwise, the coating will have a sloppy and uneven look;
  • It is not necessary to remove the sticky layer of the coating since it is this that guarantees reliable adhesion to the gel polish.

What Is Rubber Base Gel Used For And How To Apply?

It is necessary to consider that the application of the rubber base is different from the use of the usual option. So, what is rubber base gel used for? First of all, it is necessary to determine the purpose of its application since this plays the leading role in applying it to the nail plate. But the processing of marigolds should be carried out according to the classical method, which is manifested in the following sequence of actions:

  • Nail color should be eliminated, treatment of the cuticle area and rollers on the sides;
  • Then, it is necessary to remove the natural shine using a soft nail polisher or file, the abrasiveness of which should be 180 to 240 grains;
  • After that, it is worth treating the marigolds with a degreaser, dehydrator and primer;
  • After completing all the above steps, you can directly apply the rubber base.

Still, Looking For What Is Rubber Base Gel For Nails?

As mentioned above, the application method depends entirely on the subsequent objectives. For example, if you are doing correction or nail build-up, the foundation should be applied with a thin layer while trying to produce a rotating movement with a brush. However, it must be used in several stages to align the plates.

  • It is necessary to apply the first layer as thin as possible. At the base, as at the tip of the brush, more backgrounds must be removed so that not much remains on the brush. Then, you can proceed to rubbing the base of the nail plate.
  • The first layer should not dry; placing a drop of the rubber base in the center is necessary. Then, using a brush, pull it towards the cuticle area and distribute it evenly, moving towards the nail’s free edge. After that, it is necessary to carry out sealing.
  • If there is a large amount of base on the nail, then each nail should dry separately in the lamp. For this purpose, it is better to use a device with a power of 48 W since, with its help, a thick layer dries in just half a minute.
  • To give the nail plate the correct shape, it is necessary to lower the nail. This will allow a drop to create a so-called tubercle. In other words, a vertex will form in the stress zone. Then, the nail should be returned to its original position and dried under the lamp, providing a perfectly smooth coating.

How To Shoot For Rubber Base Gel For Nails?

Many are interested in removing the gel polish with the base since this process is inevitable after each application. Usually, such a coating is removed quite tricky, but you should pay attention to the “Lacquer Square” technique, which is relatively easy to use.

This technique is the following:

  • First of all, a benefit is applied to the nails, allowing you to remove shine;
  • After that, using a unique tool, you need to degrease the nail plate;
  • Then, it is necessary to apply a transparent varnish to the nail, drawing a square in the center, since it is required to indent 1.5-2.5 mm from the edges;
  • All that remains is to dry the nails without using a lamp;
  • After that, a primer is applied to the tips;
  • The final stage is the application of a base coat, gel polish and top.

Undoubtedly, such a manicure takes more time than usual, but it guarantees a relatively simple removal. It is necessary to clean the nails with a gel polish remover. As a result, after 10 minutes, the varnish will begin to move away in the square area created by the clear varnish. To remove the varnish surrounding the perimeter of the nail plate, it is enough to use an orange Q-tip. This method allows you to protect your nails by removing the manicure and speeding up the process.

Opinion On What Is Rubber Base Gel Used For?

Nowadays, many girls pay attention to manicures, while not all people can go to a beauty salon, so they learn nail art at home. The rubber base is used by professionals and inexperienced beginners, which is why it is popular. Users note that when using it, the gel lacquer remains on the nails for up to five weeks, while it does not separate from the ends. This coating is trendy among girls with brittle nails, allowing you to grow your natural nails to the desired length. Even though applying a thick coating layer is necessary to ensure sufficient strength, the nails still bend easily.

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