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When does Karen Find out Matt is Daredevil?

  • December 16, 2023
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When does Karen Find out Matt is Daredevil?

Karen is a central character in Marvel’s Daredevil, but Matt keeps her in the dark about his dual identity. In the series, we see that she’s connected to Matt, both as the laywer and Daredevil unbeknownst to the fact that they are the same person. 

It was basically the end of Daredevil season 2 when Matt finally revealed to her that he was Daredevil. Let’s read in detail why he let the cat out of the bag and how Karen reacted to it. 

Daredevil Season 2 Last Episode “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen”

In Marve’s Daredevil Netflix series, Karen Page discovers that Matt Murdock is Daredevil after a series of events involving the Hand, a criminal organization. In the season 2 last episode, Nelson joins Jeri Hogarth’s law firm, and Stick is kept safe at Murdock’s apartment. The Hand raids a police station to gather information on people Daredevil has helped, taking hostages, including Turk Barrett and Karen Page. The police report the situation, allowing Murdock and Elektra Natchios to locate and rescue the hostages.

During the rescue, Elektra sacrifices herself to save Murdock. However, with the help of Frank Castle (the Punisher), they defeat the Hand ninjas led by Yoshioka. Stick returns to finish off Yoshioka. Matt then mourns Electra and challenges Stick’s philosophy of cutting off emotional ties.

I believe that losing Electra had a big impact on Matt, and that’s why he realized that Stick’s philosophy about cutting emotional ties was flawed. 

He then calls Karen to meet him in Nelson’s office. She asks him “why am I here”. He replies “there’s something that I want you to see”. He takes out the Daredevil mask from a bag and shows it to Karen, highlighting that “I am Daredevil”. 

It was indeed the most shocking revelation for Karen. She couldn’t grapple with it, as she felt betrayed. 

Why Daredevil Kept His Identity Hidden from Karen?

It didn’t take long for Karen and Matt to get along, becoming fast friends in Marvel’s Daredevil series. In fact, they’re believed to be soulmates, based on varying storylines in comics. 

But still, Matt kept Karen at a distance because hiding his secret because he was brainwashed not to have any emotional ties. 

We all know that Matt has grown up training under Stick’s guidance. Stick didn’t only train Matt to perfect his abilities, he also taught him that emotions make us weak. That’s the reason why Matt kept hiding his identity from Karen. He was afraid that he would get too close to her, which wouldn’t be good by any means. 

But at least, he reveals his identity to Karen, realizing that emotional ties aren’t bad for him. 

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