A virtual reality startup, specializing in the medical version of a flight simulator for doctors, recently secured $7 million

  • December 8, 2023
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A virtual reality startup, specializing in the medical version of a flight simulator for doctors, recently secured $7 million

A startup company that developed a flight simulator for doctors using virtual reality technology recently raised $7 million in its initial funding round. The funding was led by Co:Act Capital and received support from Acova Capital, Significant Early Venture Capital, Sirius Capital, and other investors in the medical and insurance fields.

Founded in 2017, this VR technology was conceived with the aim of assisting doctors and medical students in preventing errors during real-life practices, thereby enhancing the medical field. Although initially introduced to the US market to raise funds, the technology was originally founded by two doctors who first crossed paths as interns at Sydney Hospital. It is now widely utilized in medical training hospitals across Australia

Vantari’s VR platform is making significant strides in the medical field by revolutionizing training. It has resulted in 40% fewer mistakes during medical procedures, showcasing its efficacy in enhancing training outcomes. Moreover, it has contributed to a commendable 32% improvement in student progress, underlining its positive impact on medical education and skill development

Vantari VR raised $2 Million In mid 2021, Despite the funding not coming through.

The Startup was starting to Gain Significant Confidence of the investors, after successfully raised funds from a gaming company “Epic Games” The developers behind Fortnite, awarded $131,000 grant to use its commercial game engine  

Vantari VR has indeed made a significant impact on medical training. Their initiative, “Gaming for Good,” encourages trainees to actively engage in their practice while having fun. Rather than playing other potentially time-wasting games, students and medical staff use this unique approach for both recreational and work purposes, highlighting its dual functionality.

Fueled by a newfound sense of confidence and positive reception for their VR technology, Vantari VR is poised to expand its global reach. The company’s goal is to enhance its platform even further, with the ambition of revolutionizing medical education and eliminating errors in critical life-saving operations.

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