Taylor Swift Reflects on Career Impact of Infamous Kanye West Phone Call Leak in TIME Person of the Year Interview

  • December 8, 2023
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Taylor Swift Reflects on Career Impact of Infamous Kanye West Phone Call Leak in TIME Person of the Year Interview


Right after being named TIME’s Person of the Year, Taylor Swift is now facing controversies, including a leaked phone call between Swift and Kanye West in 2016, leaked by Kim Kardashian

What was the leaked call about?

The Leaked Phone between Taylor and Swift and Kanye West was about Taylor No Objection to the lyrics of west song, in which west includes lyrics “I feel Like me and Taylor might still have sex I made that B**** Famous.

The Infamous Phone Call Leak:

Swift acknowledged the existence of a phone call with Kanye West but alleged that the recorded conversation had been forged and edited. The leaked call captured Taylor seemingly accepting the lyrics of West’s controversial song ‘Famous,’ contributing to the damage to Swift’s career

Career and Personal Impact:

According to Swift, the leaked phone call felt like the end of her career, portraying her as a liar. She alleged that the footage had been edited with the purpose of destroying her career. The impact of this incident caused significant psychological distress for Taylor, ultimately leading her to take a year-long break. Following the incident, Taylor experienced mental stress, prompting her to move to a foreign country and even refrain from leaving her rental house for a year. She admitted to avoiding phone calls and distancing herself from people due to trust issues, describing the situation as a challenging period.

Why Kim Kardashian’s Leaked the Footage:

Kim Kardashian openly denied any editing of the footage and expressed feeling embarrassed addressing the issue. She explained that the purpose of the leakage was to protect herself and her ex-husband, claiming that this secret would have remained undisclosed if Taylor had not lied


The controversy initially started when Taylor Swift and her representatives denied her consent to Kanye West’s song upon its release. However, a leaked phone call by Kim Kardashian between Swift and West seemed to indicate that Swift had given approval to the lyrics, becoming the main reason for this dispute

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