Romance is Blooming Between Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid?

According to various resources, including elle.com, Gigi Hadid has moved on from her year-long Leonardo DiCaprio romance. It seems

Romance is Blooming Between Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid?

According to various resources, including elle.com, Gigi Hadid has moved on from her year-long Leonardo DiCaprio romance. It seems like Gigi is now dating Bradley Cooper. They were first photographed together in 2023 as they were dining together. In fact, they also went on a trip together. In the very same week!

Consequently, multiple sources started speaking about the two stars and single parents’ connection. It was pictured as a casual relationship in the beginning. But it appears that things have taken a more serious turn now. 

In fact, recently, Gigi was sighted having dinner with Cooper’s mother at the Golden Globes 2024 awards. Insiders describe their bond as easy, fun, and normal despite their significant 20-year age difference. Neither has officially confirmed their relationship though. 

Let’s take a look at everything we know (reportedly) about about Gigi and Bradley’s burgeoning romance.

Gigi and Bradley’s Romance Beginnings in 2023

  • It was October 5, 2023, when Gigi and Bradley sparked surprise dating rumors. They were photographed while leaving a dinner at Via Carota in New York City. No PDA was shown, but they walked side by side.
  • Then 3 days later on October 8, Cooper and Hadid were photographed again in his car together. They were returning to New York City after an apparent weekend trip. Both were seen removing overnight bags from the vehicle’s trunk.
  • On October 9, various photos of Hadid and Cooper were published online. In fact, a source spoke to People about their connection. “They are having fun,” the insider said. He added, “It appears super casual now, but they both have kids, big careers, busy lives and understand what life is like in these circles. It’s cute…and there is an attraction.”
  • Almost a month later, Cooper and Hadid were sighted having another date on November 1. It was Page Six which ran their photos seeing off-Broadway play Danny and the Deep Blue Sea at Lucille Lortel Theater in Village.
  • Following Hadid’s viral night out with Taylor Swift and her squad, the model ended her evening with Bradley on November 4. Interestingly,  the Daily Mail reported that Hadid was seen leaving Zero Bond, where Swift’s group had been. Cooper was not far behind her.
  • Various sources spoke to Page Six and Us Weekly in the same week. They talked about how Hadid and Cooper’s relationship is taking off. “Their relationship is on steroids. It’s getting serious very quickly. They are together every day,” a source noted.
  • Then on December 14, Page Six reported that Cooper has purchased a home near New Hope, where the Hadid family farm is located.

Cooper and Gigi Hadid’s Romance in March 2024

  • It was January 24, when Cooper and Hadid were seen leaving New York City to travel to London together. An insider (close to the couple( revealed that they are deeply in love with each other. Apparently, their relationship has become very serious.
  • Then on February 1, Cooper and Hadid were photographed smiling together as they were out on another day date in New York City. “Gigi and Bradley are in love,” a source revealed to Entertainment Tonight.
  • Cooper and Hadid spent their first Valentine’s Day together this year. Their outfits were perfectly coordinated.
  • A few days later, a source revealed that Hadid and Cooper are now thinking about their future. “Gigi and Bradley’s relationship is serious, and they have already spoken about their future together and next steps,” he said. 
  • It was March 14, when Cooper and Hadid were photographed kissing in public for the first time. They were basically dining with friends in New York City at Via Carota for Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski’s birthday.
  • Then on March 22, Cooper and Hadid were seen again in New York City. It was a Friday night and they were heading to another dinner date, at Cucina Alba Italian Restaurant.


As Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper’s relationship continues to develop, there’s no official word on when they might publicly confirm their romance. Their frequent public outings and the involvement of their families suggest that things are becoming more serious. We wish them luck and hope their connection deepens with happiness over time. 

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