Paula Julie Abdul Childhood, Biography, Career, Musics, Awwards, Husbands, Net Worth & Much More

You might know Paula Julie Abdul as a famous singer, dancer, choreographer, actress, and TV personality who’s been in

Paula Julie Abdul Childhood, Biography, Career, Musics, Awwards, Husbands, Net Worth & Much More

You might know Paula Julie Abdul as a famous singer, dancer, choreographer, actress, and TV personality who’s been in the spotlight since the early 1980s, but do you know her whole life? If her net worth is $30 million today, then how did Paula face her life hardships for the post that she has now? So, if you are curious to know more about Paula Julie Abdul or want any details of her life, stay tuned with us. We will talk about her life story. Let’s start reading!


Full NamePaula Julie Abdul
Date of BirthJune 19, 1962
Age 62 (as of 2024)
Religion jewish
SiblingWendy Abdul
professionSinger, Dancer, Choreographer, Actress, television personality
HusbandBrad Beckerman, Emilio Estevez
Net Worth$30 


Paula Abdul was born on June 19, 1962, and spent her childhood in sunny San Fernando, California. Her dad, Harry is basically from Syria, and her mom, Lorraine is a talented pianist from Manitoba. Paula also has an older sister named Wendy. Paula’s love for dancing started early, basically she got inspired by watching Gene Kelly in “Singin ‘ in the Rain” and began taking dance lessons in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. After some years, Paula went to Van Nuys High School, where she wasn’t only a cheerleader but also really smart at studies and dance. 

Paula Julie Abdul childhood

Furthermore, she got a scholarship to a dance camp near Palm Springs and even appeared in a small movie called “Junior High School” in 1978 at the age of 15. Her graduation was completed in Van Nuys High and then she went to study broadcasting at California State University, Northridge in 1980. During her first year, she beat out 700 others to become a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers – the famous Laker Girls. Then, she became their head choreographer in some years. She stuck with the Laker Girls until 1986, that’s how her childhood was busy to achieve life goals. 


Paula Abdul’s real achievements started with dancing when “The Jacksons” during an ‘NBA’ game noted her. This led her to become a sought-after choreographer in the 1980s, and working on projects like “Victory” tour with “The Jacksons” band. Paula rocked the music scene by releasing the album “Forever Your Girl,” in 1988 and continually working on songs like “Spellbound” in 1991 and “Head Over Heels” in 1995.

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Paula Julie Abdul career

After singing, our sweet singer tried something new and started doing dance choreography for theater and movies. She became a judge on “American Idol” from 2002 to 2009. During this passage of time, she also released an album called “Greatest Hits: Straight Up!” and even started making her own jewelry. Afterwards, she hosted a cheerleading competition on “MTV,” judged on “Live to Dance,” and appeared on “The X-Factor.” Sometimes, Paula showed up on different shows for short moments. At last, she decided to try acting in movies in 2020 and portray different characters on TV.  Shortly, we can say that she’s good at lots of things, and we’re excited to see what she does next in life. 


Let’s know Paula Abdul’s hit music from 1984 to 2020:

  • 1984: “Opposites Attract”
  • 1984: “Forever Your Girl”
  • 1986: “Straight Up”
  • 1988: “Rush Rush”
  • 1988: “Cold Hearted”
  • 1988: “The Way That You Love Me”
  • 1988: “Forever Your Girl”
  • 1988: “Knocked Out”
  • 1988: “State of Attraction”
  • 1988: “One or the Other”
  • 1988: “I Need You”
  • 1990: “1990 Medley Mix”
  • 1991: “Alright Tonight”
  • 1991: “The Promise of a New Day”
  • 1991: “Blowing Kisses in the Wind”
  • 1991: “Vibeology”
  • 1991: “Will You Marry Me?”
  • 1991: “To You”
  • 1992: “Bend Time Back Around”
  • 1995: “Crazy Cool”
  • 1995: “My Love Is for Real”
  • 1995: “Ain’t Never Gonna Give You Up”
  • 1995: “If I Were Your Girl”
  • 1995: “Good Night, My Love”
  • 1995: “It’s All About Feeling Good”
  • 1995: “Love Don’t Come Easy”
  • 1995: “Crazy Love”
  • 1995: “Cry for Me”
  • 1995: “The Choice Is Yours”
  • 1995: “Highschool Crush”
  • 2008: “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”
  • 2009: “I’m Just Here for the Music”
  • 2014: “Check Yourself” (Avon)
  • 2020: “Rock House”
Paula Julie Abdul musics


1978Junior High School 
1983Private School 
1986A Smoky Mountain Christmas
1987Can’t Buy Me Love 
1991L.A. Story
1997Touched By Evil
1998The Waiting Game 
1999Mr. Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Alan Freed Story 
2002The Master of Disguise 
2005RobotsRomy and Michele: In the Beginning
2018A Sister’s Secret 
2020Impractical Jokers: The Movie  
2022Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers  


Year AwardsCategory
1990The 17th Annual American Music AwardsOutstanding Choreography 
1989The Tracey Ullman Show Outstanding Choreography 
1991Grammy Awards Best Music Video, Short Form 
1991Grammy Awards Best Album Package
1993Grammy Awards Best Album Package

Net Worth

Paula Abdul has achieved remarkable popularity and success throughout her career. Many fans seek details of her net worth, so according to the latest research, she has approximately $30 million.

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