Vin Diesel Faces Serious Allegations as Former Assistant Files Lawsuit for Sexual Misconduct

  • December 22, 2023
  • 2 min read
Vin Diesel Faces Serious Allegations as Former Assistant Files Lawsuit for Sexual Misconduct

In a shocking turn of events, Hollywood megastar Vin Diesel, well-known for his “Fast and Furious” movies, faces a lawsuit filed by his former assistant, Asta Jonasson. Jonasson, hired by Diesel’s company One Race Films for “Fast Five” production, alleges serious misconduct occurring in September 2010.

Jonasson’s primary duties involved party planning, event attendance, and arranging photo opportunities for Diesel. However, the lawsuit describes a disturbing incident where she was asked to wait at Diesel’s St. Regis hotel suite while he entertained other women. Once alone with Diesel, Jonasson accuses him of forcibly grabbing her, initiating unwanted physical contact despite her pleas to stop.

The lawsuit details Diesel allegedly grabbing Jonasson against her will, kissing her chest, and molesting her. Fearing for her job and safety, Jonasson struggled to resist. The suit further alleges Diesel masturbated while pinning her against a wall.

Adding to the distress, Jonasson claims Diesel’s sister, also One Race Films president, terminated her employment. Moreover, the lawsuit reveals a prior incident with a One Race supervisor attempting inappropriate contact in his room, leading to Jonasson’s immediate resignation.

Beyond sexual battery, the suit cites discrimination, emotional distress, a hostile work environment, and wrongful termination as claims. Jonasson’s silence until now was enforced by a non-disclosure agreement, but California’s “Speak Out Act and AB2777” laws empower her to speak out now.

Vin Diesel and his team haven’t responded to Jonasson’s accusations. This lawsuit might spark another #MeToo movement, encouraging other female artists to break their silence about sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

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